'A Grandmothers blessing' - A women's retreat august 21-23, 2022

Please join us for three days of deep healing for women and girls of all ages! We are welcoming Grandmother Margaret Behan (Arapaho/Cheyenne) from Oklahoma City, OK.

Grandmother Margaret Behan is a woman Elder of the Arapho-Cheyenne people, and is a fourth generation survivor of the Sand Creek Massacre. She is of the Kit Fox clan on her matrilineal side, and her patrilineal side is of the Rabbit Lodge. She is the founder of “The Cheyenne Elders Council”, and one of the six surviving Elders of the former “International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers”. She is also well as a renowned artist who works in natural clay. She resigned from her job in 1982 to pursue her artistic career full time, moving to Taos, New Mexico because of the unique properties of the clay there. As a young woman, she suffered from alcohol addiction and with the help of addiction clinics paired with the traditional ceremonies her grandparents, was able to overcome it. Having healed from this experience, Grandmother Margaret trained to become a Licensed Substance Abuse Counsellor. Employing both her formal and traditional educations she has led retreats for First Nations children and co-dependents of alcoholics to heal from generational trauma that leads to addiction. “The Cheyenne Elders Council” whose mission is to “Heal Our Own Oppression”, was formed in 2007, when Grandmother Margaret became troubled after hearing some of her people say that their youth would have to heal themselves. She created the “T’sistsistas’s Sacred School” with which she opened her home to her community. She has said “ We need to bring our Cheyenne identity and pride back to the young people, teach them the traditional ceremonies and language”. In July of 2012, Grandmother Margaret Behan hosted the “11th Gathering of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers” at which riders commemorating the Northern Cheyenne Exodus of 1878 shared stories of their journey. The gathering was set up as a traditional Cheyenne encampment, with thirteen teepees, one for each grandmother, and also representing the lunar calendar. In attendance was a great-great-great grandniece of General Custer, who made a formal apology to the Northern Cheyenne, and a great-great-grandaughter of Brig. Gen. Anson Mills, who also offered an apology. The grandmothers of the Kii Ga Do Waak Nookimisuk regard Grandmother Margaret Behan as a holy and sacred woman, sent to the suffering world we live in to guide us back to living in balance with our Earth Mother. It is her work that influenced Grandmother Isabelle Meawasige of Serpent River FN to form the Kii Ga Do Waak Nookimisuk Grandmothers Council. Grandmother Isabelle Meawasige has vowed to support and carry forth the teaching of Grandmother Margaret Behan “until my last breath”.


This event will take place at the Enji Maawnjiding Centre, at the back of Sault College. You can phone

(647)544-6231 for more details or email us using the form on our page!